Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Are You HERE? To Grab These Awesome Bonuses When You Get Your MP3 Player From Russell And Learn Marketing Techniques to Propel Your Business!

I'm totally hooking you up with these special bonuses for Russell Brunson's 12 Month Internet Millionaire so we can partner together for charity...

BONUS 1: I'll donate $1.00 to charity (Tellman's Barefoot Run across America for Homeless Youth!!) for every email sign up through any of my links on this blog (HERE TOO!)

BONUS 2: 7 never before revealed videos about how Xan and I went full time internet marketing online after only 6 months of learning about internet marketing (and won a Corvette along the way!) These videos will teach you the techniques we used to dominate our market and grab top positioning in Google too.

You'll make me smile and help me CRUSH the GIANT internet marketing gurus with the HUGE lists that I'm up against in this Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Competition. :D

So grab your MP3 here..... 12 Month Internet Millionaire FREE MP3 Player (pay only shipping)



Russell Brunson is giving away a limited number of MP3 players with over 7 hours of content most marketers will never know... he's loaded his 6 hour call with Vince James (the $100,000,000 man) and also an extra call showing how you can take what he taught Russell, and how to use it with your online business! Russell's business went from 6 figures, to 7 figures, and now 8 figures in just a couple of years because of what he LEARNED and IMPLEMENTED from Vince James!!

This has been sold on Clickbank before for up to $97 and even broke a Clickbank record for the number of sales in the first week!

NOW you can get it FREE (pay only shipping!) and get the BONUS hour of content showing you how to implement the strategies for your online business.

THOUSANDS will see this offer, but how many will grab it, learn it, and implement it? That is the only way to succeed!

Get yours NOW!

**To get your FREE bonus videos from me after you grab your free MP3 player from Russell, please email me at NextChapterLearning@live.com so I can get them to you!

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