Tuesday, November 3, 2009

12 Month Internet Millionaire Available Here - Help The Homeless Too!

Okay so what is this all about anyways?

Well during the last DotComSecrets.com affiliate challenge for the 12 Month Internet Millionaire, Mike Filsaime (giant guru internet marketer with a massive list, so edge up on the competition especially gals like little ole me) won a Hummer (my dream car by the way!)

I'm not letting that happen again!!  I'm doing EVERYTHING I know how to do to market my affiliate link to be the TOP affiliate promoter and beat out the GIANT gurus!

Can you help?

If you are interested in offline marketing techniques for your online business, Russell Brunson is giving away a free report HERE on November 5 through November 10.  For everyone that visits through my link here HERE and signs up to get this FREE report (I've already read it and got some great marketing ideas I am going to implement!!) I will earn $1.00

I'm then taking that $1.00 and donating it to RunTellmanRun's HUGE charity event raising money for homeless youth as Tellman runs BAREFOOT across the US (right now he's doing it!!)  ALSO, for everyone who uses my link HERE and grabs a FREE MP3 player with content on it, I will donate another $1.00  Pretty cool deal, huh?!  Definitely a GREAT bonus for the 12 Month Internet Millionaire because you get to help others as you help yourself make more money for your business!

So, please tell all your friends, Twitter-ers, relatives, business contacts about this SITE HERE and send them my way.  JENN WANTS TO BEAT THIS GIANT! I want to show that the little people in the internet marketing world, like myself, can do a WHOLE LOT, and will be supporting an AMAZING cause, while providing YOU with stellar content to help YOU make more money!!  (If I was in to cliches (or even knowing how to spell the word!) I'd say it was a WIN-WIN-WIN!) hah

Let's DO this BIG against the GIANT!!


Here's the link....GO!!

jenn spencer

Here's me with my hubby, Xan!

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